World Eye Organization 世界眼科组织
  World Eye Organization 世界眼科组织
Ongoing and planned programs

It is WEO's wish that everyone can be immune from eye diseases and able to enjoy the sight of the beautiful world in 2020.

WEO has also responded to WHO's mission of "giving everyone the right to see in 2020" with a new slogan : "Bliss of Vision for Everyone".

Since the inception ceremony, "Macau's Splendar - China's Glory" Charity Gala, on Dec 18, 1999, and the first "Bliss of Vision" exhibition, WEO has introduced a number of programs that laid down the corner-stone for the masterplan to realize the mission of "Bliss of Vision for Everyone".

WEO will drive forward programs dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eye diseases in China focusing on:

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