World Eye Organization 世界眼科组织
World Eye Organization is a registered charitable organization in both U.S.A. and Hong Kong and is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eye diseases among the poor, through education, training, research and the establishment of ophthalmic centres, initially in China and subsequently in other parts of the world. Since its inception on 1999.12.18, WEO has focused on the following projects:
  1. Eye-care for the Poor: WEO has established collaborative relationships with the Chinese Association of Ophthalmology and other leading ophthalmic organizations in China. A number of WEO Eye Centres have been built in China, including in Xian, 2003; Xinjiang, 2005; Chengdu, 2006; Heilongjiang, 2007; Hainan, 2008, Yangdong, 2009; Sichuan and Puning, 2010, to restore vision to the poor and sight-impaired;

  2. With WEO Eye Centres in various cities as hubs, WEO organizes regular “WEO Tour of Vision” to provide eye-care and education in poor rural regions, using WEO’s ophthalmic vans and medical staff;

  3. WEO is establishing WEO Training Centres to train ophthalmic professionals to care for the poor and sight-impaired; educate the public about eye-care through lectures and publications (such as “How much do you know about your eyes” information pamphlets);

  4. WEO has established the Torsten Wiesel Research Institute at West China Hospital in Chengdu on 2007.07.07. On 2008.05.12, WEO Torsten Wiesel Primate Eye Research Centre is also set up to engage in basic and clinical research, especially on eye diseases most prevalent in Asia;

  5. WEO Visual Acuity Centre: Myopia and presbyopia are serious public health and educational problems in China, affecting at least several hundred million people.

  6. Ophthalmology in the West: WEO started this new medical journal at WEO Ian Eye Centre in 2005 to report recent advances in eye research;

  7. ”WEO Bliss of Vision” program: WEO has established a series of art and culture events (such as exhibitions, auctions, and lectures) aimed at enhancing the public’s awareness on the importance of good eye-sight and eye-care, and providing funding for WEO’s operations.
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